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  • Chandler Schoonover (2021)
  • Dolores Larson (2021)
  • Dorla's Piano Studio (2021)
  • Rogue Music Alliance, LLC (2020)
  • Shannon Adams (2020)
  • Thomas Lytle (2021)


  • Alice & Dana Burwell (2021)
  • Amy Lane (2022)
  • David & Shirl Hawes (2021)
  • David Flaugher (2022)
  • Freeze Carpet
  • Kent & Kim Olson (2022)
  • Max & Betty Bennett
  • ProEpic
  • Randi Toro (2021)


  • Randy & Misty Nix (2021)



  • Brazos Foundation
  • Mark & Carol Montgomery
  • Max Clark

Grow At Clark Gardens Sponsors

Gifts in Memory of:

Memorial of Theo Wayne - Towards Labyrinth

From: Anne Anderson, Kori Schroeder, Margaret Youmans, and Tim & Jane Fischer.

Todd Loop Memorial Tree

From: Amy May, Charlette Kwok, Christy Alvear, Rhonda Farley, and Sandi McSpadden.

Labyrinth Donations

From: Amy Lane, Barbara Rice, Blacksmith Blades, Breanna Garcia, Bridgette Goldstein, Buzbee Foundation, Carol Birkes, Chicken Express Mineral Wells, Christiana Rodriguez Lazo, David & Shirl Hawes, Delores & Frank Christian, Dolores Larson, Elaine Jary, Gina Glover, Howard McCarthy, In Memory of Zdenek Jary (Elaine Jary), James & Ellen Hewitt, Janette Kurban, Janis Janes, Joanne Wallis, Kathleen & Larry Brown, Kay Scott Leighton, Kendall & Elizabeth Simon, Marie Evans, Mark & Carol Montgomery, Max & Betty Bennett, Miguel Mendoza, Pat Bazzell, Paul West, Rebecca Barham, Rick & Janice Barnes, Rod Arnold, The Brazos Foundation, Thomas Lytle, Venture Farms - Radomske, and Wesley & Maureen Johnson.

Madge Holder

From: Gwen Adcock, Max and Betty Bennett, Bill & Milly Chevaillier, Mary Duggins, Michael & Shari Ford, Susan Fall, Brock Haynes, William & Jane Holder, Doris Holder-Farley, Regan Johnson, Chloe Langston, Perri Leavelle, and Debbie Van Winkle.

John Holder

From: Brock Haynes, Chloe Langston, Debbie Van Winkle, Doris Farley, Gene Jolly, Gwen Adcock, Julia Lawhon, Mary Duggins, Perri Leavelle, RE Brown, Regan Johnson, Susan Fall, and William & Shari Ford

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